The top 8 handicapped horses each week will be sorted into an 8 horse open preferred handicap.

The remaining handicap horses will be split equally into other open preferred handicap races with the higher end receiving the uneven number e.g. 27 handicappers would be split 6/6/7/8; 28 handicappers would be split 6/7/7/8 and 29 handicappers would be split 7/7/7/8.

No splitting for owner/trainer/driver in handicap races.

In the event of non runners, horses can only move in on the line on which they are positioned on the start sheet; no horse can move from the second line onto the gate.

There will be no C Class driver lifts in operation at Corbiewood this season.

Any week that there are heats and a final, the final will be run in lines with the horse on the least money on each line getting the inside.

Maidens/Novices will be split each week as per a Facebook Live draw if required depending on entries received in each grade.

First meeting of 2017 is Friday 19th May at 7.30pm.

Entries to Karen Kennedy or Willie Paterson.